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Different plastic·About us

Committed to the design, R & D and production of imd/iml decorative products

      Shenzhen different Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. now covers an area of more than 12000 square meters, with high-precision dust-free silk screen printing and injection molding workshops, as well as excellent management and technical personnel. It has nearly 200 employees and a daily output of 15W; It is mainly engaged in designing, manufacturing and selling imd/iml decorative products, which are widely used in communication mobile phone protective cases, home appliances, glasses, switches and other products that can be decorated with imd/iml products.

      Over the years, the company has focused on the design, research, development, production and manufacture of IML process surface decoration products. Such as digital home appliance panel, mobile phone shell, recording pen, electrical switch, toy parts, intelligent floor sweeper panel, intelligent fingerprint lock panel and various brand mobile phone protective covers. Adhering to the purpose of pure material quality, science and technology and innovation, after continuous efforts and struggles, it has developed into a manufacturer of IML decorative products highly recognized by customers! At present, it has become a long-term signed partner of more than ten world-renowned enterprises. Our mission is to provide quality service and pursue high speed and high quality.

Different plastic· Technical advantages

Provide customized imd/iml decorative products

Provide customized and perfect solutions

The product quality is controlled from the source. The rigorous production process and complete testing process reduce the probability of defective products. In addition, we have worked closely with major manufacturers at home and abroad to become a number of film agents of imd/iml decorative products, and established long-term and stable cooperative relations with end customers

Large inventory, welcome to call and order

Have a large amount of product inventory; The core accessories are self-produced, the advanced production line is improved, and the quality of excellent materials is assured. Customers trust the wholesale manufacturers, which is your assured choice!

Considerate pre-sales and after-sales service

Provide fast and considerate product customization services, customize imd/iml decorative products suitable for you, follow up one-on-one orders, and deliver within 7 days. We will provide warm and considerate services for new and old customers, and look forward to your call!

Different plastic·Application area

Imd/iml decorative products are widely used in all walks of life